Our Team

Established in 2018, All for Soil is a non-profit organization focused on sustainable land use and improving agricultural productivity. Our work is grounded in scientific research and innovative technologies, allowing us to offer comprehensive services in soil surveying, landscape planning, and data collection. We collaborate with local communities, farmers, and organizations worldwide to promote sustainable agricultural practices and increase climate resilience.

Our aim is not just to provide services but also to educate and enlighten. That’s why we host various workshops, seminars, and educational programs focused on sustainable agriculture and soil care. We believe that through collective effort and knowledge sharing, we can create a better and healthier planet for future generations.


Our goal is to help communities create a sustainable future. We provide comprehensive land management solutions that are rooted in science and tailored to local needs.


To transform landscapes into fertile, climate-resilient ecosystems. We envision a world where soil is not just seen as dirt, but as a vital resource for our collective well-being.


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